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a workshop for beginners

Are you interested in taking your photography skills to the next level? Do you have a digital camera and feel you're not using it to its full potential? Or maybe you've been told you have an eye for photography but need help understanding the technicalities a bit more? Then come along to one of my workshops! I'll get you understanding photography as an art form. By getting to grips with the technical side of a camera and combining that with a creative way of thinking, you will be able to take photos that you thought were only capable by professionals. 
Whether you're looking to take up photography as a hobby, be able to take better photos of friends and family, or get holiday snaps that your Facebook friends would be truly jealous of, I can help!

Esme Buxton is an award-winning photographer who has exhibited work in both the UK and Australia.

what will you learn?

Photography is more than taking a pretty photo. It's a way to tell stories, express emotions and document your life. Understanding photography like a professional opens up your world; you see differently, you find beauty in the most obscure places, and no holiday will ever be the same again! Taking Your Camera Off Auto is a 3 hour workshop that gets you photographing like a pro. Learn to understand the basics of exposure, ISO and aperture, and how the three combine together to make stunning photos. Using the beauty and splendour of Regency Cheltenham as our background, I'll walk you through the art of creative composition so you are able to visualise like a real photographer! 

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3 hours (with an optional extra hour for editing)

1 hr: Starting at our base, I'll talk you through how to get the most from your camera (using your own equipment means you'll be able to implement what you've learnt long after the workshop has finished!). We'll discuss everything from shutter speed, to lighting, to what format you should be shooting in. We'll even discuss how to get incredible shots of the night sky!

1.5 hrs: I'll then take you on a walk of beautiful Cheltenham, stopping at iconic locations such as Montpellier Park, Cheltenham Town Hall and Neptunes Fountain, where we'll learn about creative composition and how to take your photos from good to GREAT!

Last half hour: We'll then head back to base to look through what you've shot and discuss what you've learnt.

EXTRA HOUR: we can then look at editing. Using Adobe Lightroom, I'll teach you how to post-process your photos to a professional standard. Wondered how photography can make you money? This is how!

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